XACARS for Use with the SimMiles PIREP System

XACARS is a software that allows you to track your SimMiles flights while you fly offline or on any flight simulation network. You must however remain connected to the internet in order for XACARS to work.

Step 1 => Download XACARS

XACARS for Versions of Flight Simulator (FS2002, FS2004, FSX)

XACARS for Versions of X-Plane

Step 2 => Install and Run XACARS

Once you have downloaded XACARS you need to install it. Once you have installed XACARS you can run it from your programs menu.

Step 3 => Set Up your Pilot Account

Once you have XACARS running you can click on "XACARS Preferences". In there you need to do the following 5 things:

a) Change the ACARS Server URL to: http://www.simmiles.com/xacars/liveacars.php
b) Change the FlightInfo Server URL to: http://www.simmiles.com/xacars/flightdata.php
c) Change the ACARS Server User to your Virtual Airline pilot ID
d) Change the ACARS Server Password to your Virtual Airline pilot password
e) Change the Time Interval for POS Reports (minutes) to 1
**Note: You do not need to set the PIREP Server URL since the SimMiles system will automatically process your flight once it has verified that it has been completed

Step 4 => Take a Flight

Once you have completed configuring XACARS you need to login to your virtual airline's website as a pilot and take a flight. Once you have taken a flight you must put the callsign of the flight (eg: ANZ123) into the Flight No. at the top left of XACARS. Once you have placed in your Flight No. in the field click on the "Get ACARS Flight Data". The flight data fields should automatically populate with the information of the flight that you have taken.

Step 5 => Start Flight Simulator

Once the XACARS has been all set up, if you do not have Flight Simulator running then start it, and then start the flight at the departure airport with all of the engines off. Click on the "Start ACARS" button on XACARS and you can wait for SimACARS to say that you are "Online and Ready for Departure".

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