Lufthansa Virtual Needs Your Help

Posted On: 2010-12-07 17:13:27Z

Dear Readers,

Lufthansa Virtual will start operating in first half of 2011. It will recreate real-world operations of Lufthansa.

We are now in the process of adding routes and need your help. Since there are quite a lot of routes, we need a few people that will help us add them to the system. It is very simple and you do not need to have any programming skills. Our only requirement is that you speak English. Of course, as a reward, you will be given a staff position of your choice (if it is vacant) at either Lufthansa Virtual or BMI Virtual when the job gets done.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, email me at [ ].

Thank You!

Ivo Pezelj

Lufthansa Virtual – Chief Operating Officer

BMI Virtual – Human Resources Director

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