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Posted On: 2011-10-16 00:06:49Z

At off the 15 September the ownership off Lufthansa Virtual Has changet.

The new owner is Michael Torp from Denmark. 

Throug the last kobel of months there has bin some inkovenienses for bothe pilots and guests.

We vill together try to make this scandinavines biggest and bedst Airline and have a lot off fun doing it.

There vil be slightly changet som things and also there vil be som organisationly changing.


1. There vil be som changet regarding rating on aircrafts.

2. There vill be flying events, aproxmitley kordinatet with IVAO atc so we have asmutch atc as possibel.

3. The forum will be updatet.

4. We vill get new aeroplanes new routes and also new livery for both FS2004 and FSX


Se u in the sky and remember to have fun its all whats about in here


Micael Torp

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