BMI Virtual and Lufthansa Virtual Join Forces

Posted On: 2011-01-30 08:10:42Z

I am delighted to announce partnership between BMI Virtual and Lufthansa Virtual. Pilots of these two airlines will now be able to fly routes of both airlines no matter which one they are applyed at.
Furthermore, this year’s February is going to be a special one: Lufthansa Virtual is starting operations on 1st February!! All Pilots that submitted their applications will be accepted on that date (or a day or two later since there are a lot of them). If you haven’t submitted yours by now, it’s a perfect time to do so.
Even before its opening, Lufthansa Virtual is the biggest airline on SimMiles network in number of routes, flights (more than 3500) and aircraft in fleet (around 150). It has a very realistic schedule with all European routes being covered with eight (!) daily flights (four rotations). Lufthansa Virtual is setting new standards for other airlines to follow as it is implementing some innovations never seen on SimMiles before like “Destination of the Month” and “Pilot of the Month”. LHVA will have a great forum community on which pilots will be able to share their experience and talk about latest news from LHVA, real-world or virtual aviation. All staff positions are occupied by six professional and dedicated people. LHVA also has a person that works in administration of real-world Lufthansa, which means our schedules and overall realism are on highest levels. Please note that the website is still under construction.
You will receive more information when your application gets approved.
Thank you!
Keith Heavey
Chief Executive Officer
BMI Virtual & Lufthansa Virtual

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